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IROFUSI 罅割 -hibiware- Pants



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COTTON 100%(medium jersey)


墨汁染めとは墨液を利用し、染色する方法です。墨汁の濃度によって仕上がりをコントロールし、色の濃淡を表現します。天候によって湿気などが影響し、微妙に結果が変わります。 墨汁は水墨画や書道において、古来から使われているもので墨汁の濃淡で空間に奥行きをもたらす。その無の世界に豊かさを見出す。空の美意です。

Dyeing in bokuju (Japanese monochrome ink)

We dye clothes with bokuju (Japanese monochrome ink). Shading ofcoloris controlled by density of bokuju. Climate such as humidity has effect on the color, which make each cloth different. This is the dynamism of dying.

Bokuju has traditionally been used in drawings and calligraphy. Shading was used to express the depth of space. Traditionally,
Japanese people enjoy deriving beauty out of nothing.

It is said that monks started to dye their clothes with bokuju in the ancient days. We were attracted to the depth of blackness and the shade of the bokuju.


size M ウエスト42.0僉繊仝埔53.0僉仝垈25.0僉,錣燭32.5僉/幅20.5

size L  ウエスト45.0僉繊仝埔53.5僉仝垈27.0僉,錣燭34.5僉/幅22.0






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[着用モデル K]

175/63 : size M 着用
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